Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Air brushing, Oh my.. and the Marine Centurions

So finally getting my thumb out of my arse and getting on painting all this shite for the 1999pt tournament coming up.

Last night I sat down (actually stood up) and had a crack with the airbrushing kit I bought of these fellas (Underground Wargames). As far as I'm aware it is a very very beginners based kit, but at the same time not too prohibitive in cost to scare me off.

Anyway, sat down with the 25 odd steel legion that will be running in Chimeras as the "Badabian 378th Mechanised" which will be attached to the 5th Tyrant's Legion. I've currently got their 3 Chimeras about 95% built so they'll be copping the airbrush next.

Any way this is what I ended up with:
All the drab brown
So this is what I got after a coat of Vallejo 'Heavy Brown Game Colour', followed by a mix with some white, then another mix with more white. Next will be autumn camo then a brown wash.

Overall though I'm quite happy with how it turned out, and to get 25 models undercoated with quasi-highlights in less than an hour was a real mind blower!

Also while I'm posting just a quick note on the god awful Space Marine Centurions, the model just seems in correct to me, so I sat down with paint and whipped something up quickly, I reckon this is what they should look more like.
A little less eye raping
I don't mind this as much, but would take a fair bit of work today (especially truescaling it). I went for a quasi mix between the 3 main exosuits I can think about in movies, Ripley's Powerloader, Suits in Avatar and the gun-suits in Matrix 3 (and 2). 

Hopefully post again soon ;).


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