Thursday, 21 September 2017

Slight adjustments

Hey All,

Just a quick post showing off a slight head adjustment suggested on a forum to make the Tyrant look a bit more sinister and I think they where spot on!!

And just a quick shot for scale purposes next to a normal Auxilia Trooper.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

A restart/refurbishment to the Tyrant's Legion

With the advent of 8th and workable rules for Astartes and Astra Militarum to be meshed into the Tyrant's Legion (and just finished a 1500pt Krieg Army) my mind has started to wander back to the Tyrant's Legion.

Thus I opted to finish off a horus-huron converison I started years ago.

So this is the state he was left in for 2 and a half years..

But after a bit of fiddling around, this is where I'm now at with him:

Also may of rejigged Robby G's profile to reflect Lugft Huron a bit more ;)

So now to just keep on keeping on haha..

Friday, 12 May 2017

Tyrant's Legion Shadow War counters

Hey All,

Just whipped these bad boys up in When I get the hobby bug about stuff  Isort of get, well too much hobby bug, hence the counters, I reckon they look pretty cool! I will print them out at 1" in size, then use a 1" hole punch to knock them out and attach them to some of those 'bottle cap stickers', they make great little tokens that survive well and have a good feel to them.

Feel free to use them if they are of any use to you!


Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Shadow Wars: Maelstrom

Hey all,

Quasi resurrecting the blog as I'm doing some Astral Claws/Tyrant's Legion work at the moment.

I love the small scale of Shadow Wars and I figured with the Chaos Space Marine warband I could make a pretty nifty Tyrant's Legion amalgam.

Any way, I give you some pics of the WiP boys.

So there is the group photo, we have 5 Astartes and 4 Auxilia Inductees.

I have edited the GW CSM killteam into a Tyrant's Legion one, including changing fluff, marks etc, you'll find it here, so let me know what you think!

Thursday, 17 March 2016

A Pale Horse...

Hello again gang!!

Finally finished up my first death rider and am very happy with how he came out. Was feeling a little leary about how the bright colours would sit, but I feel with the quite muted tones of the base and horse, they have just the right amount of pop!

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Spectral Support

Back again.

So just due to me being me, I've opted to have some marine support for my Kriegers, this will come in as a single squad of Legion of the Damned (from the LOTD detachment) which will be rocking as much melta as possible to hopefully slag any big nasties.

As you see I've just repurposed some partially built 2nd Generation Truescale marines and added flames and skulls. I've enjoyed doing the flames so far as it has cause me some trouble, but has also got me to learn new things to try.

Friday, 11 March 2016

Back on the (40k) Hobby Horse....

Soo with the advent of me learning about being able to run a full Death Korps Death Rider army within 40k, and me reaching the stage were I really don't care if some uber-elite kid with the latest filth hotness takes me off the table turn 1 at a 40k event... I'm back into 40k!!

I also have a mate that we will start an escalation league-campaign..that will be 150pts painted a week (that is almost 10 death riders for those playing at home :/..), fortnightly pictured and 'fluffed' battle reports and all sorts of fun. I hope it will kick on, as campaign's can really wan if people get a bit over it, but I figure he is as keen as I, and we should be able to keep each other on track.

The above picture is the test model for the death riders that I'll be doing. I'll be basing the colour scheme off of either of these below pics:

The first pic I like..well...because it is a Karl Kopinski drawing, and in all honest, I reckon he does the best art for anything within the GW fold.

I like the second pic, while still being similar to the frist one, is a lighter and more vibrant, which could be a nice change for the generic Death Korp drabness. Either way the horse colouring on both is spot on and what I've tried to replicate in my GG above.

I will keep you guys updated as I proceed.

Have a good one!!