Imperial Armour Unit Index

Started an  information repository on WargamerAU for the location of all Imperial Armour unit rules and what actual books they are in and which incarnation should be used.

At this point I will leave out the superheavies/apoc vehicles to avoid confusion.

All of these are stamped unless stated otherwise.

Imperial Armour Aeronautica (6th Ready)

Imperial Navy
Thunderbolt Fighter
Aquila Lander
Vulture Gunship
Valkyrie Sky Talon Transport
Arvus Lighter
Avenger Strike Fighter

Imperial Guard
Mantiocre Launcher Tank
Imperial Support Weapons Platform
Sabre Weapons Battery

Space Marines
Storm Eagle Assault Gunship (Also in IA 12)
Caestus Assault Ram
Land Raider Helios
Whirlwind Hyperios
Land Speeder Tempest
Contemptor-Mortis Pattern Dreadnought
Hyperious Air Defence Battery

Attak Fighta
Flakk Trukk
Flakk Trakk

Phoenix Bomber
Nightwing Interceptor
Lynx (Apoc)
Fires Storm

Tau Empire
Barracuda Air Supperiority Fighter
DX-6 ‘Remora’ Drone Fighter

Dark Eldar
Raven Strike Fighter

Hell Blade
Hell Talon
Blight Drone of Nurgle

Imperial Armour Apocalypse 1, Second Edition
40k approved units only. Units that later appear in Aeronautica have been removed from this list (Also Massive thanks to Spakka)

IMPERIAL GUARD - All units now updated in Imperial Armour Volume 1, second edition.

Space Marines
Space Marine Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought
Blood Angels Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought
Space Wolves Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought
Siege Dreadnought
Land Raider Achilles
Lucius Pattern Dreadnought Drop Pod

Big Squggoth
Kustom Mega Dread
Lifta Wagon
Grot Tank Battle Mob
Grot Mega Tank
Grot Bomb Launcher

Wraithseer *
Hornet Squadron *
Warp Hunter *
* all found in IA11 - personally unsure if IA11 overrides these, but I think they are identical unit entries in each book.

Meiotic Spore
Stone Crusher Carnifex

Piranha Tx-42
Tau Battlesuit Commander R'Alai

Necron Tomb Stalker

Dark Eldar
Dark Eldar Reaper
Dark Eldar Tantalus

Chaos Marine Contemptor Dreadnought
Giant Chaos Spawn
Spined Chaos Beast

Imperial Armour Volume 1 2nd Edition (6th ready)
List of unit information:

Imperial Guard Armour Vehicles

Leman Russ Variants
-Battle Tank
Destroyer Tank Hunter
Thunderer Siege tank
Chimera Armoured Transport
Hellhound Variants:
-Hellhound Flame Tank
-Devil Dog
-Bane Wolf
Centaur Carrier
Salamander Recon tank
-Salamander Scout
-Salamander Command

Imperial Guard Artillery

Ordnance Batteries
-Basilisk Artillery Tank
-Griffon Mortar Carrier
-Medusa Siege Gun
-Colossus Bombard
Hydra Flak Tank
Manticore Launcher tank
Heavy artillery
-Hydra Platform
-Manticore Platform
-Earthshaker Platform
-Heavy Artillery Carriage Battery
Field Artillery
-Heavy Quad Launcher
-Heavy Mortar
Tarantula Sentry Gun
Gun Platforms
-Sabre Gun Platform
-Rapier Laser Destroyer

Imperial Guard Support Vehicles

Hades Breaching Drill
Atlas Recover Tank
Cyclops Demolition Vehicle
Sentinel Walker
-Scout Sentinel
-Armoured Sentinel
-Drop Sentinel
-Sentinel Powerlifter
Tauros Assault Vehicles
Trojan Support Vehicle

Imperial Guard Tank Aces

Captain Obadiah Schfeer
Colonel ‘Snake’ Stranski
General Grizmund

The units listed below for IA2 and IA3 will require this pdf in addition to others listed in the respective books below: 6th Update

Imperial Armour 2: Space Marines and the Inquisition Units in regular 40k codices are not included.
Most recent IA2 update is here. Like Tau update above, is hosted by Forgeworld, but doesn't appear on Forgeworlds site map: IA 2

Damocles Rhino (Updated in IA 12)*
Land Raider Helios
Land Raider Prometheus
DeathStorm Drop Pod (Updated in IA 12) *

* Both of these have entries in IA Apocalypse which technically override the entries in IA2 update, but IA Apocalypse 1 and 2 currently do not have 40k approved stamps. Superseded by IA 12, which does infact have 40k approved stamps

Imperial Armour 3: Taros Campaign

This is the link to the 2012 Tau update pdf - came out shortly before 6th ed. Although still hosted on the Forgeworld website, it doesn't actually appear on Forgeworld's site map: Tau Update


Tetra Speeder Team
Remote Sensor Towers
Drone Sentry Turrets
Hammerhead Gunship Alternate main weapon options
Tau Commander Battlesuit variants (this option currently considered questionable under new battlesuit rules)
Heavy Gun Drones
Goaded Greater Knarlock
Mounted Greater Knarlock Herd
Knarlock Rider Herd

Imperial Armour 4: The Anphelion Project
All rules have been updated elsewhere

Imperial Armour 5: Siege of Vraks Part 1

All units within this Imperial armour have been updated in both Imperial Armour Apocalypse as well as Imperial Armour Volume 1 Second edition.

The only things not updated are the two army lists, their updates can be found here:
Renegade Militia
Krieg Seige Force

IMPERIAL ARMOUR 8: Raid on Kastorel Novem 

Raven Guard
Shadow Captain Korvydae

Gun Trukks
Big Trakks
Gun Wagons
Meka-Dread (can only be taken if army also includes a Mega-Dread)
Mekboy Junka

IMPERIAL ARMOUR 9: Badab War Part 1 

Space Marines
Chaplain Dreadnought Titus
Lugft Huron, Tyrant of Badab (option allows him to be fielded in Vanilla SM codex as well as Tyrants legion list)
Captain Corien Sumatris
Armanneus Valthex
Magister Sevrin Loth
Lord High Commander Carab Culin
Captain Tarnus Vale
Lias Issodon
Captain Mordaci Blaylock
Knight Captain Elam Courbray

Blood Angels
Malakim Phoros

IMPERIAL ARMOUR 10: Badab War Part 2

Space Marines
Captain Pellas Mir'san
Bray'arth Ashmantle
Ahazra Redth
High Chaplain Thulsa Kane
Cpatain Ivanus Enkomi (updated in IA 12)
Lord Asterion Moloc (updated in IA 12)
Tyberos The Red Wake
Captain Silas Alverec
Captain Zhrukhai Androcles
Vaylund Cal

Imperial Armour Volume 11: Doom of Mymeara
Flyers are not listed as Aeronautica takes precedence.

Imperial Guard
General Myndoras Odon

Space Wolves
Bran Redmaw

Shadow Spectres
Irillyth, Shade of Twilight (Shadow Spectre Phoenix Lord)
Wraithseer *
Hornet Squadron *
Warp Hunter *
Wasp Assault Walker Squadron
* also found in IA Apocalypse 1 second edition - personally unsure if, being the latter book, IA11 overrides these, but I think they are identical unit entries in each book.

Imperial Armour Volume 12: The Fall of Orpheus

Kutlakh the World Killer
Toholk the Blinded
Maynarkh Overlord (Necron Dark Harvest Army List)
Canoptek Tomb Stalker
Canoptek Acanthrites
Canoptek Tomb Sentinel
Tesseract Ark
Sentry Pylon
Night Shroud Bomber
Gauss Pylon (Apocalypse)
Necron Tomb Citadel (Fortification)

Lord Asterion Moloc
Minotaurs Chaplain Ivanus Enkomi
Hecaton Aiakos (Character Dreadnought)
Vigilator Sergeant Hamath Kraatos

Space Marines
Damocles Command Vehicle
Storm Eagle Assault Gunship
Storm Eagle Assault Gunship - Roc Pattern
Sentry Gun Battery
Deathstorm Drop Pod
Predator Infernus
Deimos Pattern Predator Executioner
Spartan Assault Tank

Would like to add a big thankyou to Spakka and Biggy from the forums.
Will Continue adding to the repository Soon

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