Tournament Organising

Down here, as in down in Victoria, that is down in Australia. We seem to have a very limited tournament scene especially (down here) in the south eastern suburbs.

My gaming group and I ran a little campaign with 10 people at my joint a few weeks ago, just a simple little affair with $20 a head entry (for snags and grog) and the winner got a trophy and a bottle of grog. Myself and other 2 TO (as we were all playing we would have a 2/3 vote ability on any ruling queries) had an absolute ball running it and the weekend was stupidly enjoyable.

Either way after that preamble, myself and Cles (Blog) are looking into maybe upping that into the region of a 20-26 player tournament, in a hired hall.

We are going to start looking into the details quite soon so keep an eye out for anything concerning the 2nd "No Daniels Allowed" tournament popping up on the WargamerAU site.

Will hopefully keep adding details as we continue.


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