Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Shadow Wars: Maelstrom

Hey all,

Quasi resurrecting the blog as I'm doing some Astral Claws/Tyrant's Legion work at the moment.

I love the small scale of Shadow Wars and I figured with the Chaos Space Marine warband I could make a pretty nifty Tyrant's Legion amalgam.

Any way, I give you some pics of the WiP boys.

So there is the group photo, we have 5 Astartes and 4 Auxilia Inductees.

I have edited the GW CSM killteam into a Tyrant's Legion one, including changing fluff, marks etc, you'll find it here, so let me know what you think!

Anyway, some more in depths pics, first up here is a pic of the 4 Auxilia Inductees
The look I was going for was indeed forcibly inducted people. So on the right hand side we have some 'true' Auxilia, that look almost like professional soldiers, we have the one with an autogun and another bearing the Tyrant's Claw.

On the left we have some well...'volunteers'... I wanted the guy on the far left to look like he is running from something, as he really doesn't want to be fighting, I've also put him in quite plain clothes to account for being a citizen, the green stuff is an arm band that will be blue with the Tyrant's Claw on it. The guy on the middle-left is just an old dude that has been given a big ole blade and old school shield so he can at least maybe shiv an unsuspecting victim haha...

Next up the power houses, we have.
 This will most probably be the leader, or 'Demi-Centurion' who will have +1 Initiative (I've renamed marks to 'Non-Codex Indoctrination' so you have: Retaliator Cohort (Khorne), Shaprias Experiment (Nurgle), Scion of Valthex (Tzeentch), Operative (Slanesh) and Leadership Cadre (Undivided). I've went with a more 'tacti-cool' look to the marines, wanted them to be less rage-chargey and more sneaky, have also given them plenty of kit (mainly around there butts) to look like they are working unsupported.

I realise I said less rage-chargey, but there always has to be one, wanted this guy to look like he is really swinging that heavy arse chain sword at some people, logically he would have the NCI: Retaliator Cohort.

This is my first specialist, I thought it would be cool to have him slung the flamer and to be firing at range with his pistol. The little arm shield is just to look cool, but could represent him being a Scion of Valthex, for the 5+ invuln and upgrade the bolt pistol to 'kraken' bolts later on ;). Sculpting marine hand is super hard, not as good as what some of the amazing people out there can do, but should be serviceable! 

 This is my other Specialist, went for the full blow saunter through a hail of fire sort of look, so logically he will be at +1 toughness to take account into all the armour he is rocking. This is actually the first guy I did for this kill team and really set the scene for the rest. Very much no-frills which always to me struck me as how the Astral Claws roll.

Finally the terminator. This is the first true scale terminator I have tried and I'm super happy with how he came out. I think he looks different enough from normal terminators to tie him in with the kill team, while still clearly being a terminator. I have given him a little bit more 'shiny' stuff (The 'belt buckle shield', Chains and gnarly knife) just to make him stand out a little bit more, that and lets be honest, this bad boy has is kicking out fear, so make him fearsome! Will maybe in the future magnetise his arms, but for the time being a Storm Bolter and Power Fist should serve.

Finally a line up so you can see scale. I've obviously done plent of true scale Astartes before, but never a termy and I am super happy with the size of him. A lot of true scale termies are 'extened' normal terminators so they are a bit taller, but logically terminators shouldn't be too much taller than a normal marine, as they are/should still be the same size inside, but they should be crazily more imposing and I think this guy does the trick!

Any way, going to get them undercoated and what not tonight, will try and put some updates up soon on where they are heading.

Let me know what you think of the models as well as the Tyrant's Legion list and see if I need to change any fluff.


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  1. I like all the work that you're showing here. It's fun to see other people are using the CSM rules for their Astral Claws too.