Thursday, 30 August 2012

Pendulum Fluff

We also started a sort of planetary campaign (Similar to the early DoW games) with our armies and I decided to do up some fluff for the planet of "Pendulum" that are variety of factions are warring over.

Time Ref: 889.M41

Prior to the onset of the Badab war Lugft Huron and his Warder Chapters pushed forward on the boundaries of his dominion around the borders of the Maelstrom, managing to push back against the ever increasing raids being launched on imperial interests in the sector.
The planet of Pendulum whilst being a sparsely populated planet in the Magoc Cluster, It did hold significantly rich veins of raw resources for the forge world and refinery planets under the Warder Chapter’s areas of protection.

When this small planet became increasingly bothered by both xenos and pirate raids in 870.M41 it became necessary for the deployment of a small consignment of the 123th Badab Reserve Force, consisting of the 76th and 94th Light Armour Companies and the 245th, 282nd and 151st Conscripted Infantry Regiments. This fresh influx of bolstering troops working in concert with the local militia managed to regain control of most of the key Collection-Cities and Forge-Habs, which allowed the planet to reach up to 87.5% of its original output prior the beginning of the incursions.

The following years started to see increases in activity within the Maelstrom area and most border sectors including the Magoc Cluster came under heavier attacks. More issues did arise with a tiny spall-fleet of hive fleet Goliath brushed upon the edge of the Maelstrom’s South West sectors. A few mycetic spores sightings where reported on the polar regions of Pendulum, local militia and scout companies of the 76th Light armour where deployed to the area’s, but where lost, assumed destroyed in a blizzard during their transit through the polar regions to the assumed landing sights of the mycetic spores.
Come the start of 875.M41, reported incursions from xenos and pirate raiders where up over 27.9% from previous years and that militia and conscript companies where taking higher than sustainable losses in the border disputes and skirmishes with the raiders. Reports started filtering in from remote regions of whole Forge-Habs being wiped out in the course of a single night by unknown forces. In Collection-City Orar’s Hope, local tech-menials where reporting fleeting sightings of “six-limbed terrors, striking from the shadows of the maintenance tunnels beneath the city, mauling servitors and menials with equal ease”. There where reports of a minor ork war band in the southern continent becoming increasingly bold in the probing of imperial defences. Toward the equator, the menials and priests of the Magos-Geoligis where reporting increases in tremors coming from the local fault lines.
During the middle months of 877.M41 contact was lost completely from Pendulum . No major note was taken until the Forges on Badab itself started losing productivity due to dwindling raw materials. An investigation was launched by internal reviewers to look for where the deficit was coming from. Once the problem was diagnosed it was decided to send an Force-Reconnaissance Group consisting of the Elite 5th “Badab’s Shield” Tyrant’s Legion Regiment, led by none other than Arch-Centurion Malek Tamerlaine, supported by Battle Brothers of the 7th and 8th Astral Claws Demi Legions forming the unflinching backbone of the fighting force.
In the closing month’s of 878.M41 Tamerlaine’s small taskforce broke warp in <<information withheld” solar system and moved at full haste toward Pendulum . Upon gaining orbit broad spectrum vox signals where opened to the main Collection-City of Canyon’s Echo and returned nothing but static. At this Arch-Centurion Tamerlaine ordered all forces under his command to make ready for hostile planet fall….

I'll get some fluff up for Arch-Centruion Tamerlaine soon.

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