Monday, 13 May 2013

Centurions and cheese mongering...


It's been far too long since I've posted on this blog, but alas I'll get going again (if there is anyone out there listening haha).

Either way the other day I was helping a mate out who is starting a Dark Angel army, we stumbled upon the gold of putting Azrael in with a large blob of guard, which gives the entire squad a 4+ invuln, at starters that isn't great, but when you run a 50 man blob and you only have half of the wounded ones die isntead of all of them, its pretty sweet.

So being the cheese hound that I am I started to create a similar list to that, in true Tyrant's legion theme.

Anyway make a long story short, this allowed me to start making Arch-Centurion Tamerlaine to be used in place of Azrael.

So to start this tale, I had a quasi-spare Angron floating about (his nose was smashed off in transit so got a free good one sent out). Now some of you will be screaming NOOOO, and I can concur with you there, but at the same time, I think the model is moving along quite nicely..

So as you can see here I've started on him. The head is based on one of Sevrin Loth's honour guard, with Krell's (I think) crest. The shoulder pads are both from Lugft Huron (Astral Claws chapter master for those playing at home), with some random odds and ends added in.
 Here is a picture of him next to an Auxilia Prefect. 
As you can see he does indeed tower above the little guardsman, and will be a little bit taller than the truescale marines, which in all honesty I don't mind, being a ~200pt model in the middle of another 50 models I'm happy with him standing out, and we all know, the cooler a marine is, the bigger he is

This is where he stands at now.
I've added a combi-plasma hanging from a strap (Which I shamelessly stole the idea from this beautiful man: Sheep's Az). I think it really lends itself to the flowing motion of the cape. The banner (also from Lugft) got some boiling water love to get it moving in a proper direction. I added some GS purity seals to cover up lazy-ness on my behalf.

I think he is about ready for painting, I've just got no idea on what scheme to do the bastard. His cloak will be coloured in a tiger pattern (Fluff: Got it from a Tiger Claws captain for saving him or some such blah blah) so that will be fun/interesting to work out. Silver is the logical choice, but the question is how much trim gets done in gold etc...

Anyway, thanks for having a squiz.


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