Thursday, 16 May 2013

Forgeworld, Australia and dead arguments. Part 2

Ok, after a ‘sick’ day yesterday I’m back on board…

So last article I was going on about the apparent ‘cost’ of FW to the Australian consumer. All in all it cost you $20 more to go with the premium resin product over the normal GW plastics ($560 for GW, $580 for FW), so I’m pretty sure that issue number 1 with Forge world was shot down pretty hard..

Now onto issue 2….

Availability to the ‘average’ consumer

The second biggest argument it would seem about FW is the availability of both the models and the rules, now as with the cost that was a fair argument back in the day before ebay and the pure and utter ease of internet shopping.

So when bringing up FW rules in a tournament setting it would seem the naysayers like to cry foul about their own knowledge of the FW rules, they’re biggest and loudest point is that they can go into a GW store, or FLGS and read up on the rules of all the new armies, but with FW rules they can’t.. Ok, let’s look at this for a second.

A new dex comes out so you go into your GW store, sit on the ground cross legged and proceed to poor for hours over the new open codex within the store, the same codex that the 30 other sweaty man-children also want to have a look at, that’s not really going to fly is it? 

Almost done with the HQ rules guys, won't be long...

Well you could go down to your FLGS and have a read, but what if you’re FLGS doesn’t carry the entirety of GW stock? Well apparently that’s just hard narnies for you… Or you, like everyone of this bastard e-generation could go to some less-than-legal sites and see if you could find certain .pdfs of what you need to know (not advocating piracy).

Now lets have a quick look at the rebuttals to this ‘for’ core codex ease of viewing.
  • What if you don’t have access to a local GW store?
  • What if you don’t have access to a FLGS
  •  What if your FLGS doesn’t carry all of the GW line?

Where does this leave you? In the same boat as ‘everyone’ about the FW rule set. So if you’re one of the people who don’t have easy access to a GW store, you currently have the same knowledge of the new ‘core’ armies as you do about the evil pupping-eating FW rules.

So I believe this is just another excuse for the anti-FW crowd to shoot down the use of FW even though really rule availability and cost are all in the same basket whether it be FW or Core rules.

Now at a tournament setting, people don’t believe FW should be allowed due to some one possibly dumping a unit down on the table, and the person with the issue not knowing the rules for that particular FW unit. Welcome to life friends. When I play some one running a codex I don’t play I have NFI what special rules they will be running, so like a real live person I ask what special rules are involved with the units that I don’t know. I couldn’t care less if it was a core army or FW unit, I still don’t know the rules.

So I could go on and on with repeating circles on this issue, or I could just get on with it and go about my day, which I will do now…

Best troll ever?

 Oh and just before I leave… Isn’t Death from the Skies only available by download on iPads, or via GW Direct? Doesn’t it have large rule changes to previously published units? But that’s core and completely acceptable by the anti-FW crowd, go figure..


  1. >Doesn’t it have large rule changes to previously published units?

    Not for any of the units printed in codices it realistically doesn't. The Night Scythe and BA/GK Stormraven essentially for errata on some small things, but their rules, costs, upgrades, etc, were not changed at all.

    That said, I don't really consider this a huge issue in and of itself- _getting_ Forge World isn't the problem, it's _affording_ FW or knowing _which_ FW product to get that is inconvenient.

  2. Why is any of that inconvienient, I fail to see the issue with affording or 'knowing_which_FW prdoduct', do you mean IA books, or actual models?

    Affording is really in the eye of the beholder, we need to remember this game is really just a money sink IMHO. The logic is pretty flawed. Let's say I've been collecting CSM's since back in the day, but I don't have enough money currently to afford some helldrakes and an aegis line, well that's unfair that I'm now behind the 8 ball due to me not being able to afford the newer models...