Thursday, 23 May 2013

Forgeworld, Australia and dead arguments. Part 3

Ok, so onto non-existent issue number 3.

So issue 3 is people and their lack of knowledge of the rules and units, this was also touched upon in my first rant-icle on the FW backwardness down here in oz.

Another cry is about people’s lack of knowledge of certain armies/units within the Forge World books. I won’t lie, there is a large and flavorful
 variety of units and characters within the Imperial Armour line. But as said before, this is the exact same as core.

I take myself as a relatively competitive gamer when it comes to our fine hobby, but at the same time I couldn’t tell you the ins and outs of every single unit within every single ‘core’ codex. At a tournament, I would, like a normal human being, ask my opponent what odd or exciting rules his army has.

 This could be A Deff Mob from Imperial Armour or the new Daemons, I have NFI. I know this sounds odd to the humble nerd, but actually trusting in your opponent and letting him tell you the rules to his army I find is generally acceptable (there will be a douchebag that ‘forgets’ a rule until it helps him, this happened against Grey Knights, a core-dex, so go figure).

I have the same knowledge on both of them, sweet FA..

Either way I could keep circling this issue and sprouting the same things over and over again but I covered it pretty well in the first article under concerns on availability. So in a nut shell, if you’re desperate you’ll find ways of sourcing the rules, just the same way you’d source core-dexs. If you don’t care one way or the other, then a giant High-Fucking-Five to you good sir/madam.

Will continue shortly with issue 4, the OP'ed-ness of the unknown...


  1. The difference is that most informed players will at least have a general idea what the codex armies are capable of, but they will (even after having played them) often have little understanding of what the FW models do. Forge World makes specialist products, and it shows in their rules- they love, love LOVE to break all the normal rules of the game.

    More importantly, unlike with standard codices, there's little way to know which is the most current version of a unit without buying every new book. Oh, you didn't get IA12 because you aren't interested in Necrons? Well, sorry, they updated one of your units in there to a new set of rules so now the army you were running is illegal. Oops.

  2. So the helldrake doesn't break normal rules? The necron codex doesn't break a lot of normal rules?

    That is backwards logic, as it is on the person running the rules, same thing would be if I rocked up to a tournament with FAQ 1.0, when FAQ 2.0 is out and about. I can just feign ignorance. Also I imagine you could at least find a way to peruse the latest IA, just the same way people generally peruse the latest codexs....