Thursday, 13 June 2013

Forgeworld, Australia and dead arguments. Part 4

Onto the final issue of my rant series (sorry RL got in the way there for a bit).

Now the possibility of ass-hattery with OP or cheese units within the Imperial Armour books.

When you start this argument with someone, I can almost assure you that the first two examples the nay-sayers will come up with are these: The dreaded Lucius Drop Pod  Triad with either a Contempter (we’ll just make it mortis pattern for added cheese) or an Ironclad running out of it. I’ll go over the Contemptor first.

An expensive quadcannon?

So with a Contemptor you get an AV13 Venerable Dreadnought with the rifleman load out and an invul save. If he doesn't move in his turn, he may skyfire his weapons which, is really quite good, I’ll agree. Factor in though that he cost double the points of the Aegis with Quadcannon (The Quad has interceptor so….), or is a little short of the cost of 3 Hydras, when you sit down and look at it, he really isn't that amazing.

Next we drop onto the Lucius Drop Pod, the reason this little bugger is such a pain is due to the fact a dreadnought can assault out of it. “JESUS CHRIST” you say, “You could have assaulting dreadnaughts on the first turn!!” and “People could easily run three of those, that would be devastating” and this would be correct and how the nay-sayers would have you believe it stops there. But let’s look at the rules… Coming in at somewhere around the price of 2 normal drop pods and taking up a valuable FA choice the Lucius is already adding some price to your Dreadnought, now if you’re not running an Ironclad, you’ll need to make a dangerous terrain test (not overly threatening, but we've all rolled those 1s) as your walking tank bursts heartily out of the pod, so there is the risk there.

Apparently it may eat your babies..

Now in this example most people go on about how if you run three of those you’d ream anything. Let’s just look at running 3 of those with either Contemptors or Ironclads. With  3, making the dreaded Lucius triad, you’ll be steadily approaching 2.5-3 land raiders in point cost, not to mention the fact you've forgone all your Elite (or Heavy) slots as well as your FA slots. I’ll also note that Blood Angels players CANNOT take a Lucius pod, so no options of blender dread hewing on in.

So you may sit back and think that is quite powerful, but really, unless the dreads are assaulting tanks,  ‘good’ infantry or MC’s they are quite wasted, having say 2-4 attacks isn't anything to get excited over. The fact is any good player would realise the downfalls behind an attack like this and bubble wrap accordingly.

Huzzah to fore-thought.

Which ever way you’d like to see it, I believe the above is quite a bad example of FW’s ‘OP’ rules, for one, when looked at properly, it really isn’t OP at all and two, most forgeworld actual Army Lists are quite weak compared next to their core-dex cousins.

Last but not least ‘OP’ units aren't only a FW problem, I’m sure we've all had to deal with Vendetta spam, or Baledrakes double-roasting are armoured marines, or the dreaded Necron flying circus.

This really brings me to the end of my rant against backwards Australia's non-acceptance of Forgeworld. I find that all the issues the nay-sayers bring up occur just if not more regularly in the core rules than they do in forgeworld set..

Thanks for dealing with the wall of text.



  1. ...I don't really have a lot to say here, since your arguments address one and only one unit and ignore all the others. Lucius, now that it forces a DT test and can't be taken for Blood Angels, isn't the big boy on the block anymore. Sabres, Manticores, Acanthrites, etc, are the problem units.

    You can say that these are no worse than existing units, but why introduce more unbalanced units to the game? How does that help anything?

  2. Would you like me to go over the others? Manticores, are we talking run of the mill IG dex, or the dodge artillery pieces?

    Well as long as there is unbalanced units, I don't see an issue using other unbalanced units...