Friday, 21 June 2013

750pt Mini Tournament inbound...

So have a little 750pt min-tourney tonight down at the local wargaming club.

No my go to tournament/quasi fluffy (there is some cheese) list for the Tyrant's Legion was usually this:

Guard and Wolves

CCS, Master of Ordnance, Lascannon

Sly Marbo (who could leave home without him?)

CCS w/ 2 Grenade Launchers
IS w/ Grenade Launcher + Autocannon
IS w/ Grenade Launcher + Autocannon
IS w/ Grenade Launcher + Autocannon

Veteran Squad w/ Shotguns + Lascannon (modeling blunder on my behalf)

Fast Attack
Vendetta (no duh)

Heavy Support
1 Vanilla Leman Russ
2 Griffons w/Heavy Flamers (I love the griffons, like most favourite unit within guard, try them out sometime)
1 Hydra Flak Tank

Rune Priest w/Bolt Pistol

10 Grey Hunters w/ x2 Melta Guns + drop pod

Heavy Support
5 Long fangs w/ 4 Missle launchers

Aegis line w/ quadcannon

Essentially this list would sit in a corner behind an aegis line and force the enemy into a variety of 'kill zones"
The LRMBT and Hydra would be able to touch most areas on the table, thus forcing the enemy to move up with their AT guns, which are usually 48", thats when the griffons, autocannons and lascannons start firing and punishing the enemy, at this point they really need to get in close, once they are within 24" the guard blob lets rip with FRFSRF and some sweet prescience from the Rune Priest.

The vendetta comes on to cause issues as per usual and the pod drops first turn to either help score first blood, or knock out any large threats (artillery!!).

But after that rambling rant, on to the 750pt options.

My original option I was looking at something like the above but with stripped down elements of both, but this left me with some dead weight, like a veteran squad with no heavy weapons and a host of other issues, so I looked into changing things up somewhat.

Rune Priest w/bolt pistol         100
5 Grey Hunters w/Melta+ DP 115
5 Grey Hunters w/Flamer 75
3 Long Fangs w/ 2 M/L 65

CCS w/lascannon             70
PCS         30
Inf w/Autocannon 60
Inf w/Autocannon 60

Aegis w/quad cannon       100
Griffon 75

No I squeezed as hard as I could while trying to maintin scoring ability, huorde busting and anti armour.

After a count, it is really only missing 2 marines, 20 guardsmen, sly, vendetta, griffon, hydra and the is amazing how many points they suck up haha..

Anyway those that actually read this, wish me some luck and I'll come back with the scores.

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