Monday, 24 June 2013

Friday night results...

So had that 750pt mini tournament on Friday night, it would seem people where intending on taking some hard and some fun lists..

So first army I went against was playing Tyranids..

No call me a sook all you want, but come on:

Tyrant w/wings and x2 BL Devs
10 Termagants
1 Hive Guard
1 Hive Guard

First mission was KP based so the dude elected not to spawn any termagants, thus not giving any KPs away and I had no luck with downing the Tyrant in 2 turns of shooting, so he pretty much tied up the entire gunline and beat my arse like it was his job haha. So good on him. Nothing really exciting happened that match, except guard sergeants standing in for the 'brave' rune priest against the tyrant's challenges.

Second match was against a CSM player who hasn't played any 6th, so I went over a few of the salient points of the changes and we begun.

His list was something akin to this:

CSM lord, MoK, PF Combi-Melta
9 Bezerkers
10 MoN marines
3 MoN Bikers

Alas this match was a bit of a white wash, I popped the rhino on first turn, then it was just a matter of shooting everything as it meandered on over. I must say the guy was an absolute champ and played Khorne properly r.e. Ran at me at every opportunity. Nothing exciting on this match really either..

Onto the 3rd match against Chaos Daemons... Played draw hammer and my opponent managed a draw with a single bloody bloodletter which was annoying. Anyway his list looked something like this.

Skarbrand (I believe)
~10 Blood letters
~10 Blood letters
4 Blood Crushers
Skull Cannon of Khorne

Funny points on this battle were, him drawing with a single model. The guard blob squad annihilating a Blood Letter charge (Killed the Skull cannon, so no frag grenades for them ;) ). Skarbrand failed his charge and got gunned down by missle launchers and autocannon fire. Also I will again note how awesome Greyhunters are, 4 of them managed to kill 2 Blood crushers prior to getting minced, the other 4 managed to kill 1 also. 

Anyway, I found the list to hold out well as long as people weren't running some bastardly strong list that unless I was running DE or 3 vendettas, I was going to have trouble with haha. Any way I had an absolute blast and it was fun to play some good people outside of my gaming group.

So ended up with 37 points, but somehow came second last under a guy with ~22 points so go figure :).

Anyway, peace out y'all.


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