Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The Great Devourer

Nothing to do with marines, guard or the Imperium (except maybe eating them), but here is some pics of a 2nd ed 'nid army I started.

I picked some 2nd ed models up cheap with the full intention of selling them off for profit, then thought "Hey I'll make a small 2nd ed (with new rules) nid force and use that..then I really wanted to run a Tervigon etc...so I ended up spending many dollars and many hours on ebay hunting down old armourcast models to use for the bigger gribblies...I'll get some pics up of the 2nd ed part using Doom, Hive Guard, Venomthrope and 'Tervigon' tomorrow..

But now for the 'test' colour scheme (from the 3rd ed nid book) that I did, I believe it came out quite effective looking, and in all honesty, the older nid models still rock (except for the hormagaunt, I hate those bastard, unbalaced, pointy hormagaunts...). Anyway, I hope you enjoy.

So this was the original I painted, I was quite happy with how it ended up and how it gave an old model a second life.

This guy took a bit of converting and pinning. One thing that bothered me about the 'Screamer-Killer (Qu'est Que C'est)' was how static the pose was. So I decided to have him full blown charging with one pair of arms out for the attack. One thing you may not be able to see in this picture is how much characterful detail there is on these old metal models, like under the rib cage is a bunch of organs with viens all over them... He was so much fun to paint..

Here is a pic of them all together, quite an imposing prospect I think.

Anyway, I'll get some pics up of the rest of the army soon. The list I used (to great effect was as follows).

Prime w/Boneswords, Sycthing Talon and Regeneration (Warlord)
Prime w/Boneswords, Sycthing Talon

Doom w/Pod
2x Hive Guard

20 Termagants
20 Termagants
20 Hormagaunts w/toxin sacs
Tervigon w/ Toxin sacs, Cluster Spines and Catalyst

Heavy Support
Carnifex w/ 2x Scything Talons
Carnifex w/ 2x BL Devourers and pod
2x Biovores

I don't understand why people don't use primes. They can murder just about anything quite happily and you can hide your warlord behind 20-30 wounds, it is just amazing. They are brilliant character killers and are absolutely fantastic monster slayers if they are in a termagant squad that is within 6" of  a toxin'd up mumma bear (Pro tip, with 20 termagants you can easily have a conga line that is 50-60" long).

Either way great fun list to play, and I found it looked really 'swarmy' on the board..

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