Thursday, 27 June 2013

2nd Edition Tervigon (Armorcast Malefactor)

Alright, so when I decided to do this 2nd edition army, I was going to need the ubiquitous Tervigon, at this point I had no idea what or how I was going to create this model with 2nd ed parts. Alas then I stumbled across the awesomeness that is indeed the old Armorcast models.

For those of you that don't know, Armorcast made all the sort of epic-in-40k scale miniatures before Forgeworld came into being, they did Reaver and Warhound titans, Baneblades, and even Tyranid bio titans.

So onto the mumma bear.

As you all gasp in disbelief that I converted an OOP model, it's true, I did. I have this stupid thing about all 'nids need 6 limbs and 5 head plates, that I just have to abide by (I sculpted head plates onto 20 metal Hormagaunts....). As for the size of the beast, it is quite large, bigger than a current Tervigon I would say, as you can see it barely fits on an oval base...

Here is a close up of how the termagants come out. I will give you some fluff-plantion to it. So the creature this conversion is based off is a Malefactor, for those that don't know the Malefactor was essentially like a Tyranid assault vehicle, it would carry a set amount of Tyranid 'wounds' within its belly, then spew them out once it crossed no mans land, thusly I though it would be an excellent conversion starter for a Tervigon. 

As you can see here, instead of the malefactor's long beak thing, I replaced it with a hole, essentially a 'door' into it's internal troop bay if you will, thus allowing it to have it's Termagant reinforcements. I also added a small (Ripper) head as well as extra legs (can see in the first photo) to make it abide by my 'Tyranid Build' rules if you will.

Hope you guys enjoy it, I will endeavor to get it finished sometimes soon (it is like painting a tank, there is so so many wide flat-ish open spaces on it...).

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