Sunday, 14 July 2013

Horned Hate, a Forgeworld Minotaur

So, purchased an Imperial Minotaur Artillery Tank when it first came out sort of build it on and off over the last couple of years and decided to sit down and finish the bloody thing. At this point I decided to paint it in the same camouflage as the Tyrant's Legion.

So as you have to do with the Minotaur I painted the interior first and here are a few pictures of it. This is the first time I've had a crack with a weathering powder and god damn I think it looks pretty good (probably went a little over the top).

Right Side
I Tried to keep the actual workings of the gun rust free as I imagine they'd be much better maintained than the walk ways.

Left Side

Same goes here, tried to get the rust 'caught' in the correct areas. The purple screens are to keep it tied in with the rest of 
the army.

Same as the rest really, tied to tie it in, but I also figured the only rust would be on the floor as the majority of it is under cover.

Currently the whole model has been 'Autumn drabbed' ( the colour scheme of the other Tyrant's Legion vehicles) all that needs doing now is a shit load of detailing, weathering and the crew.

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