Monday, 15 July 2013

2nd Edition Doom of Malantai

So (just to pop back onto the 'nids for a minute) as with all self respecting Tyranid players I needed to run a Doom in a pod

The question was how as I going to model the doom. We all know dooms are based off a Zoanthrope on 'roids so that's where I began. I wanted to start with a Zoanthrope head, but where on after that I didn't know. For those that don't know 2nd edition Zoanthropes walked on the ground and looked like this:

Sexy, isn't it?
 So as you can see aside from a large head, they are quite a far cry from the current Zoanthropes. Now I'm a massive fan of the current Zoeys so I wanted my doom to have features in common with both, but something to make it a little more threatening. I ended up using (2nd ed parts all) Zoanthrope head, Biovore body, Termagant arms and legs and a Lictors scything talons, thusly giving me this.

Apologies for the white and the flash but you get the idea. I wanted to have it floating over the battlefield similar to current Zoeys, but still have some limb and flat head action of the old school ones.

It's coming for you.
Just realised the teeth are in fact, not done! But at least from this angle you can see the head plating and lack of eyes. I really find with Tyranids (and anything for that matter) if you want to dehumanise something, take away its eyes.
All souls gone.
I wanted to show what the Doom does, so I attempted showing it with these poor sods,  the goal was for them to essentially look like they've been caught in the Doom's area of effect and essentially just slumped over, I've also tried to make them look quite pasty/ill with some blood running out of their eyes and ears.

Anyway hope you enjoyed the Doom, and here is a quick pic of where I'm at with the Imperial Minotaur

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