Thursday, 18 July 2013

Reaver 1461 will walk...

So found a lovely big box sitting on my porch today, it seems it was containing a big nasty bastard reaver titan, as you'd guess  I immediately unpacked and had a look through.

So many bags..
There where a few miscasts and broken pieces that I let FW know about and bless their cotton socks, they are sending out replacement parts. What isn't in the picture above is a powerfist and plasma blastgun that are coming in a different order. When it comes to this hobby I'm generally a bigger fan of what looks cool, over table top effectiveness, thus the odd load out.

Any way a little bit of brainstorming, background to Reaver 1461.

This Titan will belong to the Legio Venator (Latin for Hunter apparently), strictly for the fact that Legio Venator fought along side the Astral Claws back in the day so there is that tie in.

The name for this bad boy I'm felling somewhere around either: Castus Pugilistus (Holy Boxer/fighter) or Timoratus Pugilistus (Devout Boxer/Fighter). Obviously Pugilistus, is from pugilist as this bad boy will be bopping stuff on the head left right and center.

Got Melta?

Colour scheme and heraldry are things I haven't sorted yet. Heraldry wise I was thinking maybe a stag or centaur or something to that effect. Colouring I'm also unsure of but dear god it won't be yellow and blue...

Also opted to de-gate all the parts last night before I packed it all back up, as you can see below there is a metric arse-tonne of wasted/excess resin in the kit,

So much wastage...

Anyway, I'll keep y'all updated on 1461 as well as the Minotaur, which is almost complete.

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