Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Spectral Support

Back again.

So just due to me being me, I've opted to have some marine support for my Kriegers, this will come in as a single squad of Legion of the Damned (from the LOTD detachment) which will be rocking as much melta as possible to hopefully slag any big nasties.

As you see I've just repurposed some partially built 2nd Generation Truescale marines and added flames and skulls. I've enjoyed doing the flames so far as it has cause me some trouble, but has also got me to learn new things to try.

So the pic below is of my first marine, I may of went a little wild with the flames on this bad boy..but hey...it was fun. I've also added some of the flaming censers from the Hexwraiths kit to add more fire and movement to the model.

This one has just been started, wanted like flame running up over his arm (will have it going down his other shoulder to) to almost silhouette him in flame.

Should have my first Death Rider complete in a day or so, so will get that up as soon as its done!

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