Friday, 11 March 2016

Back on the (40k) Hobby Horse....

Soo with the advent of me learning about being able to run a full Death Korps Death Rider army within 40k, and me reaching the stage were I really don't care if some uber-elite kid with the latest filth hotness takes me off the table turn 1 at a 40k event... I'm back into 40k!!

I also have a mate that we will start an escalation league-campaign..that will be 150pts painted a week (that is almost 10 death riders for those playing at home :/..), fortnightly pictured and 'fluffed' battle reports and all sorts of fun. I hope it will kick on, as campaign's can really wan if people get a bit over it, but I figure he is as keen as I, and we should be able to keep each other on track.

The above picture is the test model for the death riders that I'll be doing. I'll be basing the colour scheme off of either of these below pics:

The first pic I like..well...because it is a Karl Kopinski drawing, and in all honest, I reckon he does the best art for anything within the GW fold.

I like the second pic, while still being similar to the frist one, is a lighter and more vibrant, which could be a nice change for the generic Death Korp drabness. Either way the horse colouring on both is spot on and what I've tried to replicate in my GG above.

I will keep you guys updated as I proceed.

Have a good one!!

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