Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Truescale Lamenter (Stormcast Eternal Conversion) Complete!

Hey Guys,

Just a quick pictorial update on the conversion.

Pretty happy with how he cane out. Feel free to have a squiz at the photodump after the page break :).


  1. Beautiful and fantastic conversion!

  2. That is beautiful stuff! You said you were going to bulk out the arms? They do look bigger, how did you do that?

    And I would love to know how you painted him because I love this scheme!

  3. Fantastic work. Looks like he is ready to cut down some traitors/loyalists.

  4. Thanks Greg!!

    As to the arm bulking Rob, essentially the mark iii plate is normal power armour with like an armoured plate bolter to it, I just filled in the 'gap' where there was no armoured plate, thus making the arm even, but thicker.

    I hit him with a couple of brown/yellows and high lights over a grey undercoat, then followed this almost verbation (Mainly part 2), but well worth the watch!!


    Thanks Lasgun, well I think the succession was just, so I shall say traitorous minotaurs..... ;)

    1. Thanks man, video looks good after a quick peak. Once funds allow for some parts buying I'll be attempting something similar.

      Great stuff once again!

  5. That's something else...simple, elegant, yet somehow captures a natural dynamism.

  6. Fantastic work! And basic idea stolen. :)