Sunday, 2 August 2015

Truescaling V2 and a Storm Cast Eternal converison.

Well I'm back into the realm of 40k again in preparaion for a full potato 2000pt tournament in November.

So first, something exciting.

So from left to right we have the V1 'Truescale' Marine, done about 2-2.5 years go. In the middle we have the V2 Truescale marine, and finally to the right, a memeber of the 45th Tyrants Legion (for scale purposes).

So I've finally got to work on the V2 Truescales and need 10 of them done (devastator style) by Novermber. I will also be running some Assault Marines, but thought to have a little bit of fun I'd have Lamenters doing the Assaulting, so I give you the Sigmarine....

Scale wise the Stormcast fellas are huge!! Conversion work isn't too extreme on this. Mainly derobing him complete, neatening everything up, adding a colour and belt. His arms will be just beefed up MK III arms and shoulder pads as I reckon (as in the V2 above) this work well when truescaling. I've opted for a very drab, almost brown yellow for the lamenters as the crazy bright just doesn't blow my mind, so I will see how he comes out.

Below is just a group shot so one can see scale.


  1. Ooooh that true scale looks awessssome!

  2. Eagerly following to see how this turns out so I can fiendishly copy you ;)