Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Shiat...that was a while..1350pt tournament, bring it on yo...

So after a cheeky 1.5 year rest from the Astral Claws and their Tyrant's legion cannon fodder I'm pulling my finger out and getting back into it.

Now some of you may of seen my older truescale marines, but looking back on them I'm not overly happy, very static poses, no uniformity to armour etc.

So currently working on a new batch (will get pics tonight) that revovle around the use of MK III armour chests (broadedned) shoulder pads and arms (thickened) they've come out a lot more uniform and less sort of hokey looking.

Also 1350 tournament coming up and looking at running this:

Primary  Space Wolves

Bjorn Fell Handed (Dread HQ) w/
Drop Pod, Hellfrost Cannon, Heavy Flamer, Baller as fuck powerfist

Rune Priest
Lvl 2

5x Blood Claws w/
Drop Pod, Flamer

10x Grey Hunters w/
Drop pod, 2x Melta Gun

Imperial Guard
Company Command w/
Master of Ordnance (Basilisk shot once a turn)

Inf Platoon
Inf Command
IS1 w/ Autocannon
IS2 w/ Autocannon
IS3 w/ Autocannon


2x Wyverns

Aegis w/ Quad Cannon

Have 25pts left over

Feel free to chime on in

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