Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Progress and female guardsmen.

So actually sat down last night and made some more hobbying progress.

First up, got the first lot of autumn camo on 25 odd steel legion dudes, along with a dark brown wash, tonight will be a whole host of detail work *vomits*.

Captain Al'Rahem
No onto the more exciting things, managed after a bit of hunting to find the Laughing Monk conversion kit from Eureka Minatures which is just around the corner from work.

Here was what the conversion kit consists of:
Armour isn't too 'booby'
So the kit actually gives you a fair whack, shame you don't get a full 10 flak torsoes, but at the moment that's ok due to me only needing to build a couple of scrubs, here is the beginning of one so you can see how it scales with the usual Cadian legs and helmet.

Scale isn't too bad.

As you'd expect the waist is a bit skinnier but isn't too bad of a fit, the head is quite fine but is offset by the use of the helmet. The hair (there is sort of 'back hair' on the helmet sculpt) which needed to be cut a tad to make the helmet sit properly.

Overall I'm very happy with the kit and I would rate it as the best I've found to be used with Cadians.

I also thought I'd chuck one on a Steel Legion body for a bit of variety.

Forage Cap
I chose the forage cap as I thought that fitted in with the steel legion better. As you can see the head is a little finer, but I think that helps with it being identified as a female. I realise the hands look like they're from truck-a-saurus now but I'd hand wavium that away by the 'heavily insulated, one size fits all' gloves.

I'm not going to lie, I'm quite glad I managed to acquire some of these as due the nature of the Tyrant's Legion (and the guard in general) there really should be a bunch of woman in it too, as I imagine when the Imperium (or the Lugft) conscripts it (he) doesn't give a rats arse what gender is acting as cannon fodder.

I think GW really do need to look into releasing female variants, as in all the fluff there is always are large contingent of woman in most regiments anyway.

Well any who, I'll keep you updated and will try to get a couple more female guard converted up and ready for painting soon.

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